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Set up or reorganize your playroom in a way that promotes learning 

& encourages independent play. 

Step 1 : I come to your home where we talk about your wants and budget (1 hour)

Step 2: I come up with a plan and order what we need to get started

Step 3: I come set up your new playroom (4-5 hours)

Total package is $400 + materials (suggested minimum of $400- varies). Any additional time is $50/hour.

*Or any room/combo of rooms in the home*


"Hi everyone!

I recently hired Kellye Couillard to re-do the playroom in our house and it was the best decision ever! Like most playrooms, ours had turned in to a very messy, disorganized space with puzzles missing several pieces, limb-less baby dolls in the art supplies, and piles of random toys that my daughter never touched or knew existed anymore. With the birth of my second child, who is now 3 weeks old, I was thinking a new and refreshed play space would encourage some more independent play for my 3 year old daughter and it worked! Brooke is so happy and excited to have a nicely organized space to play, paint and create.

For those of you who do not know Kellye, she is a god-like Beverly mama who is obsessed with all things baby and child. She is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely loves decorating, designing and organizing kids playrooms so I decided to reach out to her to see if she would be interested in re-doing our playroom and she was thrilled about the idea. I have a feeling a lot of moms would be interested in this and sooner or later so she going to have a booming business!

My daughter attended her in-home Montessori style day care when she was younger and I was blown away with how wonderful she is. We have since becomes friends and she is my

go-to person for any questions I have about my kids, always recommending the best podcasts and giving awesome parenting advice.

If anyone is looking for someone to re-do their child’s play space, I cannot recommend Kellye enough. Not only will she create a fun new playroom for your kid or kiddos but she will do it so darn professionally, masked with frequent hand washing at a time that is convenient for you and your family. She came to our house on a Thursday evening and had everything done in one night!

Think about hiring Kellye if...

-You are a mom with an infant who desperately needs a fun new space for your older children to play!

-You have an empty room or space in your house that you want dedicated to your child but just don’t know what to do

-You want to have a new playroom designed as a gift for your kiddo for their birthday

-You have a playroom already but it just needs to be organized!

Check out these pictures of our cool new room 😎"

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